Participatory Workshops Friday 11.9. Ars Electronica Festival 2020

Friday, 11. September 2020, 10:00 - 20:00
Kepler Gardens, Learning Center

Kepler Gardens, Learning Center, 3rd level (elevator available) – Schulungsraum

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Friday, September 11, 10am – 2pm

“When I encountered discriminating IT-systems and did not want to take it anymore”: deconstructing affective entanglements in society-technology relations

Doris Allhutter

This workshop uses the deconstructive method of mind scripting to understand the grip that even technologies that we reject may have on us. Using our own memories as an experimental resource we will explore how discrimination and privilege materialize in our practices. This aims at developing collective agency and activisms.

Registration required – also mailto: by 01.09.2020. 15 participants max. Participants may be filmed and photographed. DSGVO

Friday, September 11, 4pm – 8pm

How to create your own AI device with SUSI.AI – An Open Source Platform for Conversational Web

Astrid Mager and Hong Phuc Dang

The workshop introduces SUSI components like SUSI’s technology stack, its wiki-like skill editor and hardware prototype; participants work together to create a simple bot, develop new skills and test them. A reflection on data bias and algorithmic discrimination invites to collectively think about creating non-discriminatory digital technologies.

No programming skills required. Bring your Laptop for the hands-on experiments.

Registration required – also mailto: by 07.09.2020, 15 participants max. Participants may be filmed and photographed. [DSGVO Link]

Friday 10 am – 2 pm Learning Center 3rd level, “When I encountered ..” 0.00 € / Ticket Tickets nicht mehr verfügbar
Friday 4 -8pm Learning Center 3rd level, “How to create ..” 0.00 € / Ticket Tickets ausverkauft